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Five Keys for a Successful Rapid Launch | SVA

Five Keys for a Successful Rapid Launch

In a rapid launch, the process behind getting started can often be intimidating and lead to chaos and confusion.

Simplify it through these five key steps:

1. Align All Parties

This is typically done with leadership and sponsor groups for they are the ones who have the latest and greatest information. Most organizations are still building out, so often some key team members are not on board yet. Those leaders, and the functions they cover, are especially important early on, so you need to get at least that early thinking in place.

2. Detail the Deliverable for Each Function

Those functions are marketing, market access, finance, supply chain, and legal compliance.

3. Identify What Success Looks Like

What does success look like?

If you are able to identify this, do it upfront. Then create lists of capabilities that can assist with more detailed and structured planning.

4. Create Different Roadmaps and Timelines

Look at staging and pacing, and make sure things cross functionally. Then make detailed plans.

5. Begin Operations and Execution

Execute everything that has been put into place. Build out different functions, bring in third parties and other partners, look at distribution channels, and ensure manufacturing is moving along.

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Authored by: Andrew Petrasko

Authored by Andrew Petrasko

Andrew is a Principal with SVA Consulting, LLC. As a subject matter expert, Andrew uses his supply chain background to help emerging life science clients develop supply chain strategies to ensure successful product launches.