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Medical Affairs teams are essential players in a successful launch, in market performance, and in improving patient lives. They translate clinical and scientific data to the medical community and bring valuable insights from the practice setting and key opinion leaders back into the company.

On top of this, Medical Affairs must operate required processes compliantly within the business both pre-approval and post-approval. In spite of this, Medical Affairs faces the well-known challenge of stakeholders understanding what they do, and their measurable contribution to the success of a company and its patients' performance, effectiveness and demonstrating strategic value.

We are strong believers in the strategic value of a thoughtfully designed, managed and deployed Medical Affairs function including the MSL field team.

What We Do

Our approach centers on developing a fit-for-purpose functional strategy and integrated medical affairs plan with a clear eye on patient success. We rely on our clients’ mastery of the science, and they rely on our mastery of the processes, systems and methods for conducting effective bi-directional exchange of fair, balanced and unbiased data and information with the medical community. Finally, we work with Medical Affairs leaders and their stakeholders to establish clear performance expectations focused on outcomes that ultimately focus on improving patient success.

Assessment and Planning Services:

  • Medical Affairs Organizational Strategy and Value
  • Organizational Design
  • Integrated Medical Affairs Plan (IMAP)
  • Budget Assumptions and Estimates (headcount and investment)
  • MSL Deployment Planning and Execution
  • Value and Performance Management
  • Chartering/Launching Cross-Functional Evidence Generation Team
  • MSL Deployment Training and Execution

Our approach to systems and process implementation is focused solely on your business needs. As with our assessment and planning offerings, we act as your thought partner to identify where we fit in to resolve your systems and process needs. Our process includes identifying the problems that need to be solved, gathering business requirements, and applying use cases prior to recommending solutions. We know many of the vendor and 3rd party solution providers and if we don’t, we research and contact them on your behalf. Ultimately, we present sensible solutions and thoroughly evaluate alternatives, enabling you to make well-informed, confident decisions. We also provide onboarding and solution integration as your designee to relieve burdens and ensure your team is empowered, well trained and equipped.

Systems and 3rd Party Project Management Services:

  • Medical Information Database and Case Management
  • Enterprise Customer Response Platform
  • Medical Material Review and Approval
  • Literature Search and Library Services
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • KOL Identification
  • Publications Management
  • Grants management
  • Dashboards, Reporting and Analytics

Why outsource business processes? Often, organizations are juggling processes with significant financial/other impact, insufficient staffing support, or lower priority work that will enable focus on higher priorities with delegation. Utilizing BPO can reduce financial or other risks, bring peace of mind that processes are running consistently and efficiently, and can allow staff to focus on activities with greater value-add. SVA has a dedicated BPO team committed to emerging life science process administration and improvement. Our process experts include project managers, business analysts, data analysts, and process operators, all of which can create, improve, document and run processes.

Managed Services:

  • MSL Field Team Administration:
    • Credentialing
    • Vehicle Program
    • Help Desk
    • Onboarding / Offboarding
    • Learning and Development
    • Collateral Material Fulfillment
  • Market Surveillance
  • Congress and Event Logistics
  • Customer Data Stewardship
  • CRM Administration
  • Medical Review Committee Coordination
  • Grants Management Process
  • AdHoc Reporting and Analytics