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No matter what lifecycle stage you’re in, Acumatica offers a wide array of solutions that scale to fit your business needs.

Acumatica ERP was designed intentionally to empower users to meet high magnitude business needs with low maintenance requirements. SVA understands the industry's fast-paced environment that requires a complex level of capabilities and how Acumatica's ERP systems fit those needs. Acumatica's robust integration capabilities were designed for organizations where an interwoven ecosystem of 3PL, CMO, and vendor relationships must be considered in ERP selection.


Understanding the need for efficiency in the emerging life sciences industry, Acumatica leverages Business Events, Approval Routings, and Workflow capabilities to allow automation across the platform. As an implementation partner, SVA can support and serve any organization within the life sciences industry.

What We Do

SVA will help you employ Artificial Intelligence, Vendor Requisitions, and Configurable Workflows for agile Procure-to-Pay business processes. Managing vendor relationships, supplier bids, contracts, vendor quality issues, returns, and accounts payable processes are challenging without the right business software.

Acumatica's business intelligence, machine learning, and configurable workflows streamline the entire procure-to-pay process for manufacturers and distributors. Take control with a future-proof ERP application built for tomorrow's supply chains. The procure-to-pay process encompasses four phases and twelve unique steps, from item definition and supplier management to financial reporting and business analysis.

  • Phase I: Preparation
    • Item Definition
    • Supplier Management
    • Replenishment Set Up
  • Phase 2: Procurement
    • Purchase Requisitions
    • Purchase Orders
    • Receipt of Goods and Put-Away
  • Phase 3: Payment
    • AP Invoices Automation
    • AP Bill Creation
    • AP Payment Processing
  • Phase 4: Process Improvement
    • General Ledger
    • Reporting and Analysis
    • Related Processes

SVA can give you greater transparency to your contract manufacturer activity with automated and extensible integrations by leveraging Acumatica's Materials Resource Planning (MPR) engine.The MPR engine leverages inventory position to inform supply and creates forecasts to inform demand. The system will suggest purchase, production, and transfer orders to meet forecasted demand, improve customer service, avoid shortages, and reduce inventory.

Key benefits include:

  • Improve profits through time-phased material planning
  • Manage by exception by monitoring materials plans, shortage reports, and production from a real-time dashboard
  • Maximize utilization with accurate materials plans ensuring that materials are available when needed

As part of the core software foundation, Acumatica ERP provides a highly robust set of integration tools that facilitate and automate integrations with many external applications commonly found within the solution portfolio of a typical life sciences organization. The integration tools allow user-defined mappings to import and export standard file formats including Excel, CSV, and XML and SQL Server formats.

Acumatica provides standard, built-in integrations for several common business transactions including ACH file formats, bank reconciliation/transaction formats, and native Salesforce and HubSpot integrations. Third-party integrations are readily available for integration with Adaptive Insights, 3PLs, various data warehouse solutions, and other integration platforms.

Acumatica offers hundreds of integration options including:

  • DocuSign
  • eWorkplace Quality Management Suite and Process Manufacturing Suite
  • LYNQ Manufacturing Execution System Software
  • Planful - Financial Planning and Analysis
  • SAP Concur Quickstart Bundle
  • ShipStation
  • Tipalti Global Payables Automation
  • Velixo Excel-based Reporting

SVA can help you manage shelf life and expiration dates with Acumatica. By entering lot or serial numbers on receipt, issue, or assembly, you can define shelf life for perishable inventory with expiration dates and first-expired-first-out picking. You will be able to manage perishable inventory with first-expired-first-out (FEFO) picking and capture, and create lot and serial numbers for traceable inventory.

Acumatica was developed with the understanding that SaaS tools often pose issues for publicly traded companies in terms of SOX compliance and other regulatory requirements. Acumatica is hosted on an infrastructure designed to comply with regulations, standards, and best practices – AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Acumatica for your SOX compliance:

  • Accessible field-level audit trail configurable on any form to be compliant with any level of auditing controls
  • Secured audit trail logging of all system access including logins, logouts, form access, data download, and integration
  • Restricted access to sensitive data or information via Access Rights
  • Full functionality on any browser or device
  • SOC-compliant reporting engine (which may be used for consolidation)
  • Supported and compliant financial statements and management reporting
  • Testing approach to major system upgrades to ensure changes will not impact financial reporting or compliance
  • Annual SOC 1 report for customers to support audited compliance
  • ISO series of standards compliance

According to the FDA, validation is a demonstration process through documented evidence that Acumatica will consistently produce results that meet predetermined specifications and quality attributes. SVA has a system developed specifically for life sciences companies to offer the required validation.

The benefits of software validation include:

  • Ensures repeatability and constancy
  • Guarantees software quality and production readiness
  • Ensures the software performs according to its intended use
  • Decreases the risks of non-compliance with CGMP guidelines
  • Reduces the expenses caused by failures in production

Currency management automatically computes realized and unrealized gains and losses, performs account reevaluations, and translates financial statements. SVA can help you capture multi-companies in the same or different environments, selectively consolidate financial data for reporting purposes, and maintain hierarchical structure with relationships between entities.


We are a proud recipient of the Acumatica President’s Club award!

This prestigious award is given to less than 10 partners per year for their excellence in sales and service when solving business problems and processes for their clients.