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Product Launch

Optimize your opportunity and increase your impact.

The launch of a product is the most critical (and the most vulnerable) point in its life cycle. There is a myriad of processes to navigate and decisions to make. The three questions most often asked are:

"How will the right levers be most effectively deployed to reach stakeholders and execute our brand strategy?"

"To avoid common launch pitfalls, what should our roadmap of activities and hiring requirements look like?"

"How do we manage budget and timing to meet stakeholder needs, improve patient outcomes, and grow?"

Understanding the strategic imperative of the brand informs what needs to be done. This focuses on the patient journey from the first trigger event through treatment and follow up, as well as integrates the greater health ecosystem of payers, prescribers, and influencers.

Commercialization Journey


At this stage of the commercialization journey you should be only months away from FDA approval. You’ve completed your commercial, organizational, and supply chain readiness phases and are now ready to launch your product to the marketplace.


What you should be focused on at this stage of the commercialization journey:

  • Product Launch Framework & Management
  • Brand Strategy
  • Medical Affairs Planning & Insight
  • Strategic Staffing

What We Do

We implement and manage a launch framework aligned with the brand’s strategic imperatives to minimize risk and maximize cross-functional alignment. The roadmap identifies milestones, captures pivots when required, and provides a process to ensure that brand strategy is realized and that all deadlines are met. In collaboration with the launch team, we continually assess the plan so that we are optimizing opportunities as the plan evolves.

  • Launch Planning & Project Management
  • Launch Readiness Reviews
  • Approval Day Planning and Execution
  • Launch Metrics and Reporting

Medical Affairs plays an increasingly indispensable role in influencing and fulfilling strategic objectives organization-wide, while also being expected to provide evidence of the outcomes of their work. A well-orchestrated plan combined with insights gathered pre-launch will help to augment strategy and indicate early adopters, as well as identify external and internal partnerships, research opportunities, and refinement of value and access. In many cases, MSLs who are engaging in scientific discussion pre-launch may be retained post-launch to maintain continuity and increase the barriers to entry for competitive treatments.

  • Medical Affairs Strategy and Launch Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Impact and Performance Management
  • Project Management

Launch plans can be easily disrupted when significant resources or headcount are unavailable. We provide utility players who are strong leaders and offer strategic guidance and tactical expertise in several key areas. Selected for both their experience and cultural alignment, these individuals become an extended member of your team, integrating seamlessly to fill in the gaps to ensure that all deliverables are met, and that the launch plan stays on course.

  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Commercial Operations
  • Training
  • Project Management