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Streamlining Revenue Recognition in Biotech Launches

In the critical phase of launching a biotech product, efficient and accurate revenue recognition is vital. Our Gross-to-Net Service Offering is designed to ensure that your financial processes align with your operational milestones, providing a clear and reliable financial picture as you move towards market introduction. We address key challenges such as:

"How can we leverage 3PL systems for more accurate revenue processing?"

"What strategies can be implemented for effective rebate management?"

"How can we optimize affordability programs and distribution fees for better financial outcomes?"

Navigating the complexities of financial management is crucial at any stage of your biotech product's journey to market. Our Gross-to-Net Service Offering equips you with comprehensive financial guidance and support. This is essential for a seamless evolution from your R&D phase to a robust commercial presence, ensuring your financial framework is as advanced and ready as your product.

Commercialization Journey

Download SVA Life Science's Commercialization Journey Guide: (click on the image below)

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What We Do

Our service taps into the potential of 3PL systems, which play a crucial role in chargeback and order-to-cash processing. We ensure seamless integration of these systems with your ERP, providing support in managing returns, return accruals, and deriving prompt pay discounts.

  • 3PL Integration with ERP
  • Returns and Accruals Management
  • Prompt Pay Discount Analysis

We conduct comprehensive payer mix analyses and develop GTN percentages for each payer type, ensuring accuracy as your product gains coverage. Our team also specializes in coverage gap analysis and accrual determination, vital for effective rebate management.

  • Payer Mix Analysis
  • GTN % Development and Accuracy
  • Coverage Gap Analysis

Our expertise extends to forecasting and assessing the costs associated with your affordability programs, as well as analyzing and forecasting distribution fees. This helps in maintaining financial efficiency and adaptability in your distribution strategies.

  • Affordability Program Cost Forecasting
  • Distribution Fee Analysis
  • Financial Forecasting and Adaptation

We offer comprehensive support for your accounting and finance teams. This includes designing and potentially operating a forecast process, as well as journal entry and reconciliation processes. Our traditional “have-need” analysis ensures effective balance sheet management and forward planning.

  • Forecasting and Journal Entry Processes
  • Reconciliation Process Design
  • Balance Sheet Management and Analysis