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Commercial Operations

Bridging the Gap between Commercial and Financial Success.

The integration of Commercial Operations with Finance Teams is a complex yet critical aspect in the trajectory of getting a life sciences product to market. The challenge often lies in effective and efficient communication between the two, especially when the company is transitioning from an R&D phase to a commercialized state. We're here to fill the void, streamlining your operations and setting you on a course for lasting success. Key questions we address include:

"How can we harmonize operational and financial data to make more informed decisions?"

"What's the most efficient way to integrate new financial resources with experience in commercialization?"

"How can we ensure that the commercial and finance teams are aligned for optimal efficiency and effectiveness?"

Whether you're a small biotech company just submitting your NDA, or an established firm nearing commercial launch, timing and communication are everything. Misalignment between these two critical functions could spell disaster in your commercialization journey. With our Commercial Operations Service Offering, you can bring operational and financial harmony to your organization, ensuring a smoother, more effective market entry.

Commercialization Journey

Download SVA Life Science's Commercialization Journey Guide: (click on the image below)

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What We Do

Our expertise in third-party logistics (3PL) selection not only leverages existing relationships but also ensures that your data flows seamlessly into your data warehouses or ERP systems. With an eye for fair pricing, especially for smaller biotechs, we provide a comprehensive solution.

  • 3PL Partner Selection
  • Data Integration
  • Cost-effective solutions

We bring our deep connections with Wholesalers, Regionals, and Specialty Pharmacies into play, providing you with advantageous contract negotiations and terms. Post-launch, we actively monitor inventory levels and provide regional analysis to maintain optimal stock and performance.

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Regional Analysis

Negotiating with managed care organizations requires expertise and a strong strategic foundation. We assist in optimizing downstream distribution channels and negotiate deals on your behalf with Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare providers, ensuring that you're entering the most efficient and effective arrangements.

  • Distribution Channel Optimization
  • Managed Care Negotiations
  • Deal Term Evaluations

Our specialized knowledge in demand planning and forecasting is crucial for your pre-launch strategies. We enable supply chain optimization through accurate demand planning and, post-launch, develop a robust management reporting package to analyze your performance.