Commercialization Readiness

Pave the path to patient by successfully navigating your commercialization journey.

Your science is promising and the opportunity to impact lives is right in front of you. It is the most exciting time in a company’s journey. But commercialization is notoriously uncertain, challenging, and intense. The commercialization journey is the business transformation a biopharmaceutical company makes from operating as a clinical-development business to a commercial business.

“How can I make investment decisions with incomplete information?”

“How do we organize and get started?”

“How many FTEs do we really need?”

As you eagerly await positive trial results, there are long lead time decisions and investments to be considered. A successful launch requires a roadmap of what needs to be done to ensure the path to patient is as seamless as possible, defining key milestones, identifying potential challenges, and anticipating the unforeseen. There is much to do in a short time and the risk of interpersonal and cross-functional conflict, critical misses, and burnout is real!

We consider ourselves an extension of your team. From dozens of projects coordinated across multiple functions to ensuring the organizational processes, systems, and controls are in place, we work with you to accelerate and de-risk your commercialization journey. Our knowledge, tools, templates, and processes have evolved from successfully supporting over 100 launches giving us the foundation and the flexibility to prepare you for launch.

We provide executive teams with an efficient and practical approach to answering burning questions, establishing critical alignment across the organization, and producing the programs and planning you need to propel your launch efforts.

  • Commercial Opportunity Guided Discovery
  • Commercialization Readiness Assessment and Planning
  • Commercialization Program Mobilization
  • Program and Project Management
  • Long-Range Plan Budget Assumptions