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Field Team Credentialing - Business Support Service | SVA

Field Team Credentialing - Business Support Service

What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is often a requirement for small biotech companies when it comes to their field teams. This is because many medical experts and commercial medical professionals may work at academic and medical institutions that require credentialing documentation for access to their facilities.

Credentialing Process

This can be a time-consuming and administrative process for a small biotech company, and can take away from the time that field team members should be focusing on scientific exchange or sales.

One solution is to use credentialing vendors who can offer more efficient processes for administering the credentialing documentation. However, these vendors can be cost prohibitive for companies with small field forces and may also require a contract with multiple vendors in order to cover all the target institutions.

Another issue is that the credentialing process is cross-functional (involving human resources, commercial operations, and medical operations) and is often overseen by compliance.

This can lead to a lack of clear internal management for the process. Often companies fail to budget or hire FTEs to administer credentialing and other core processes.

Credentialing Business Support Services

SVA Life Sciences offers a practical, cost-effective solution for small biotech companies struggling with field team credentialing.

Our business support services include coordination, creation, verification, and distribution of attestation letters, as well as coordination of institution-specific certificates of insurance, support for vaccination objection paperwork, account administration, onboarding and training related to the credentialing process, and the building and administering of document archives and employee-specific folders.

Our business support services are designed to make doing business easy, with a small initiation fee for initial set-up and onboarding, and a monthly fixed fee ranging from $3,000 to $8,000 largely depending upon the size of the field teams.

This fee is reviewed and adjusted quarterly based on forecasted business changes. SVA's professionals are also able to support other processes such as MRC using Veeva Vault MedComms, PRC using Veeva PromoMats, and Veeva CRM administration.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about SVA's business support services and how we can help your company manage critical processes without adding staff burden, contact us for a 30-minute information exchange to discuss your situation.

We would be happy to discuss what we have learned and experienced with other organizations like yours.

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Authored by: Chris Crawford

Authored by Chris Crawford

Chris Crawford is a consultant with SVA Life Sciences with over 15 years experience helping Commercial, Compliance and Medical Affairs leaders build, improve and operate their core processes and supporting systems. Chris is a leader with SVA's Business Support Services team.