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As you build the products, we build the company.

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We make your mission our mission.

We've been through this many times. Clients look to us to provide practical guidance on strategies, watch-outs and lessons learned. They ask us to roll up our sleeves to manage the chaos and implement the solutions needed on a regulatory-driven timeline.


We understand the reality of building a company on a tight timeline.


Senior leaders need to focus on strategies, yet have a handle on the details.


Alignment and momentum must be maintained across multiple work streams riddled with complexity and interdependencies.


Decisions need to be made quickly with confidence, without perfect information.

Depending on the amount of time you have until approval, we know how to adjust to meet the reality of the situation.


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You are leaving the SVA Life Sciences website and entering the SVA Consulting website. Would you like to continue?


Successful implementation at high velocity requires mutual trust and deep collaboration.
Here’s our promise to you…

We engage at the leadership level, providing candid observations with directionality for confident decision making.

We come with a full tool box of program management methods, templates and lessons learned.

We know how to manage the life-blood of a commercialized ELS firm - your data assets.

We are completely transparent with our work output, schedules and billing.

We bring an extensive network of planning, leadership and execution resources - both business and technical.

We have experience with commonly selected vendors and suppliers to inform your decision making.

We’ve managed and/or implemented over 80% of the work steams across all functions in your business.

We become an extension of your company and make your success our priority.

We adapt to the ebb-and-flow of demands using a highly skilled, experienced team that will execute without delay or drama.

We have a stock of strategies and solutions to overcome ‘launch killers.”

We help you as leaders stay forward in your business.

We have the team, talent and time.

SVA Life Sciences operates on a foundation of core values and practices that are ethical and predictable and start with limited term, low risk engagements with new clients to determine mutual compatibility.

Ultimately our business succeeds with the success of our clients. We take on a limited number of ELS engagements so we can truly adopt your mission and our leadership team can be intimately involved in achieving measurable results for you.

Our commitment to our clients:

If our work creates no value to your business…don’t pay the bill.

It starts with a simple conversation.