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Corporate Launch 101: Prioritize Organizational Readiness

Corporate Launch 101: Prioritize Organizational Readiness

Why Organizational Readiness Should be Priority of First-Time Launchers

You’ve done groundbreaking research, developed options, and defined go-to-market strategies. You have a stellar launch plan, and you’re ready to execute to bring your product to market. Years of blood, sweat, and tears culminate in FDA approval of your product.

You put the product launch plan into action, and problems start surfacing. There are hiccups in the flow of contracts and procurement. You don’t have visibility into product supply and planning. There are delays in channel activity and reporting. Problems keep piling up. Why is this happening?

While promotional and trade launch readiness are incredibly important, there is a third functional element of commercialization that is equally important and often under-prioritized: organizational readiness or what we call the “Corporate Launch.”

What's a Corporate Launch?

“Corporate Launch” refers to the launch of an emerging biopharmaceutical organization’s functional infrastructure: the people and functions that fulfill all of the administrative and business processes (HR, legal, compliance); the financial systems; and the technical operations. Because these functions work “behind the scenes,” their importance isn’t always well understood. In addition, many executives come from larger organizations where systems and processes were already in place, so they don’t have experience building a company from scratch.

The reality is, without the corporate infrastructure, the company doesn’t operate. In order for things to go smoothly, significant consideration must be given to the teams, structures, and processes that will support the product (and ultimately patients) in-market. Just like a product launch plan, companies need to develop a Corporate Launch Plan to ensure the company can operate effectively at launch and beyond.

What Does a Corporate Launch Plan Look Like?

The typical Corporate Launch Plan includes:

  • Business Process Design and Architecture: You need to begin with the end in mind and design your business processes for the environment, market, and volume you expect to be in. Consider what processes will be outsourced, in-sourced, and when the complexity or volume requires automation.
  • Systems and Data Strategy and Plan: Once processes are defined, systems can be used to standardize and automate them. The biggest benefit of a system is it “institutionalizes” a process, removing the risk of it being dependent on any one person. The second biggest benefit is the system captures information, information that is valuable to the organization. An effective data strategy considers the events and activities inside the company (e.g., CRM interactions) as well as outside the company (e.g., product movement through the channel) and makes actionable information available to decision makers.
  • Corporate Operations Infrastructure: Processes and systems are only beneficial when they are utilized. The Corporate Operations Infrastructure plan considers the resources needed to effectively execute on the business process design and implementation of corporate infrastructure.

SVA Life Sciences helps biopharmaceutical leaders navigate their successful commercialization. Our differentiator is our focus on both the launch of the corporate entity and the launch of the product itself.

We would love to hear your feedback on this topic. Were you aware of the importance of corporate launch? Why or why not? Answer in the comments or contact us to learn more: DeMarcoA@sva.com.

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Authored by: Andrew DeMarco

Authored by Andrew DeMarco

Andrew is a Principal with SVA Consulting, LLC, a member of the SVA family of companies. With over 20 years of business and consulting experience, Andrew has a well-honed ability to help leaders and their teams make sense of complex problems, identify solutions and drive meaningful change.