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BPO Services: Administrative Processes Checklist | SVA

BPO Services: Administrative Processes Checklist

Life sciences companies evolve and grow very differently than most industries.

As you move through the various stages from discovery to commercialization, you are presented with new and unique operational challenges. These challenges often result in committing valuable internal resources to administrative operations, rather than focusing on the mission and the science.

BPO services can help your employees concentrate on science and growth while the background (yet essential) tasks get done according to your timeline. Utilizing trusted professionals can accelerate your results and improve performance in key business areas, propelling you toward achieving critical transformation goals.

We’ve created an Administrative Processes Checklist outlining the typical BPO / Managed Services we see utilized by Life Sciences organizations.

This downloadable form is meant to be used as a checklist to help you identify your needs and where BPO might be able to help. The list includes the typical effort required of each process and the typical frequency of occurrence. The far-right column is used to track which processes are established versus not.

Download Checklist


Download Checklist

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Authored by: Andrew DeMarco

Authored by Andrew DeMarco

Andrew is a Principal with SVA Consulting, LLC, a member of the SVA family of companies. With over 20 years of business and consulting experience, Andrew has a well-honed ability to help leaders and their teams make sense of complex problems, identify solutions and drive meaningful change.